VHS Players For Sale UK [Read First]

I'd forgotten how annoying VHS players were until I decided it would be a good idea to grab one I had put away up the loft, fire it up and watch some old VHS videos! There's something about VHS that is very nostalgic to me and many other people who love the 80's and 90's. I love old school technology, and basically most things old school / retro. But wow, how annoying can you get. I turn it on and put on some old VHS tapes.


 Looking through the VHS letterbox

I've got a good sized collection of tapes, from Terminator 1, Robocop and Evil Dead II, to Scrooge and Jacknife [1989] (Ed Harris, Kathy Baker and Robert De Niro). Jacknife is a bit of an "under the radar" film, but if you haven't seen it before its well worth watching.

The one thing that quickly came apparent, and it should come as no surprise to anyone familiar to VHS players, is the terrible quality picture. I knew it would be this way, but I kind of looked forward to it, feeling that it would add to the nostalgia and reality of how it was watching a film back in the day when video players were all we had.

But this was different, like unwatchable. I'm not one of those people who need everything 1080p. I can watch terrible quality footage and be perfectly happy, but the level of fuzziness, bad sound quality and no help tracking adjustment forced me into opening up the VHS Player and trying to fix myself. Big mistake.


I ended up making it better, then making it much worse. I tried cleaning the head with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). This did work for about 5 minutes but then the problems returned. Basically I got the player down from the loft to watch some videos but ended up spending more time inside it with a screw driver. I couldn't fix it. I ended up turning it off and firing up my 2TB hard drive and watching the films from there instead. Haha, typical.

However, I wanted to watch videos on a VHS Player so much that I ended up buying another player from eBay. A Matsui. The quality is much better. After watching a few videos I got my fix and ended up putting the player away. One thing I came to discover not long ago, was just how cheap DVD Players are these days.

A Sony DVPSR760H, which is a very nice little DVD player can be purchased for a cheap price these days. It is for sale on Amazon UK. These days most people, including me, use digital media, like a hard drive. Naturally, with the progression of technology, this has played a huge role in why DVD players are now so cheap (and coming close to being obsolete) and why VHS doesn't cut the mustard anymore. We are all spoilt with technology and convenience. I don't think that is entirely a good thing.

Measuring EMF Radiation At Home

Measuring EMF radiation in and around your home. Anyone who reads this blog will know that I sometimes talk about EMF radiation, phone masts and the situation the world is in right now. Radiation levels are at an all time high at this moment. The UK, USA, and much of the Western world and beyond [Just look at China, South Korea and many other countries] is seeing the biggest increase in wireless devices and network infrastructure that there has ever been.


Location: A shopping centre in the UK. I can only imagine how much radiation these two invasive species are giving off.

This brings with it a whole host of potential health problems for humans and all wildlife. I've talked about some of this already in previous posts, so I won't go on about it in too much detail again here. This post is basically just to talk about how you can measure the EMF radiation levels in and around your home.

Because high levels of radiation don't just come from cell towers, it is everywhere. And yes, that absolutely includes inside your residence. From microwave ovens, to Smartphones and WiFi Routers, to Smart Televisions, Smart Meters and many other devices.

Below: The best cost-effective EMF Meters for measuring EMF / RF / ELF / VLF / Some are capable of detecting spectrums of 5G / TETRA: 

Trifield TF2 [Review] | Cornet ED-88TPlus | EMFields Acousticom 2 | EMFields Acoustimeter AM11

If you are curious, or quite concerned that there may be high levels of radiation in your home the best way to measure this is with a good quality EMF meter. They are very easy to use and give an instant readout of what the current EMF level is. So, all you have to do is turn the machine on and walk around your residence and the meter will show you were the hotspots are (areas of high radiation) and where the low levels are.

This can offer some very valuable information. For instance, you may not have known that where you sit most of the time, or where you sleep may actually be in a part of your home that is extremely high in EMF radiation. With the meter you will be made aware of this and can take the appropriate action to rectify the situation and make sure you are sitting / sleeping in an area that gives off a much lower reading on the EMF meter.


Yes, those black poles that you now see all over the place are in fact phone masts. This one: Castle Bromwich, Birmingham, UK.

Measuring EMF radiation levels is now more popular than you might think. As people become more aware of its dangers, many are taking action. In fact, it's now become a fairly normal thing for people looking to buy a new home to take an EMF meter with them in order to check how high the levels are inside and outside their new potential home.

I've also seem people doing the same thing when it comes to car buying, especially electric cars which certain models are known to carry high levels of EMF. This is not only due to more awareness, but also with more and more people discovering that they are very sensitive to radiation.

This problem has become life changing for those who have found themselves unable to function, literally made ill, in a world that is now blanketed in electrosmog. Some of these extremely electrosensitive people have had to move and live somewhere else. 

There are even sanctuaries (EMF Free Zones) dotted across the world, areas very low in radiation where people can go and stay. The majority are temporary retreats, but a few do offer long term living. There's a few in Europe, Africa, Australia, UK and America. You can find a list of some of them on electroplague.com.

With all the new phone masts and satellites (SpaceX, Starlink etc) that are being put up the levels will just keep on getting higher and higher. It will get to the point where even people who have so far had a high tolerance for radiation and haven't felt any adverse reactions will reach the point where even they are being negatively affected.

Watch YouTube On A BlackBerry PlayBook

How to watch YouTube on a BlackBerry PlayBook. Great old tablet, especially for watching films. But it is somewhat outdated and hasn't had an update for many years. Due to this browsing the Internet has proved problematic. Most browsers for the PlayBook don't work very well. Websites do not display properly, if at all, and crashing happens on a regular.


YouTube is no exception. If you try going directly to YouTube on your BlackBerry PlayBook to watch some videos, chances are it will not work. The site will either not load correctly or the video just won't play. You could just buy a newer Tablet which has an updated Operating System and the latest browsers, but no, don't do that. Get more usage out of your old trusty PlayBook.

So, what is the fix. All you have to do is watch YouTube videos through another website. The best one that I have found so far is Bing Videos. Just go to Bing Video on your PlayBook and watch the videos through there. The functionality isn't as good as watching directly on YouTube (You'll have to refine your searches a bit more), but overall it works very well.

Telephone Masts Popping Up Everywhere

Reader discretion advised. Whatever your opinions on the dangers of phone masts, bottom line is they are popping up everywhere in the UK. This is mostly due to the installation of the 5G connectivity (5th Generation). For 5G to be fully operational in the manner the "elites" want it to be, there needs to be, at the very least, a ten-fold increase in the amount of phone towers and smaller cells compared to what is already out there right now.

A new phone mast on the outskirts of Castle Vale, Birmingham, UK that just appeared. It's been installed on a public street, right on the pathway where people have to literally walk directly underneath it to get past.

And while you may see many articles cooked up by the main stream media regarding 5G dangers as "conspiracy theories" ask yourself why the telecom companies behind the rollout of 5G have not funded any independent testing to prove the "conspiracy theories" are wrong, and that 5G technology is safe.

Surely, if there is nothing to hide independent testing would put all the concerns to bed, wouldn't it? Well yes, it would. Any logical and ethical organization would want to prove the safety of their technology and gain the publics trust by doing so. Imagine if they were confident in the safety of their product. They could use this opportunity as a marketing campaign.

Put the results from the tests on the main stream news, social media, YouTube etc. They could make a mini series or one-off documentary that could be spread far and wide, showing how safe 5G is. But this hasn't been done.

The closest anything like this has come to being made is by some tech-related, pro 5G YouTube channels that really have no clue on the effects radiation has on living organisms. 

And any channel like this, which are mostly all about views, subscribers, ad revenue, and pushing the chosen or paid-to-promote narrative or flavour of the month are the furthest and most unprofessional sources of information you can get when compared to real, lab / field based independent testing.

Telecom companies know 5G isn't safe (in my opinion neither are 3G and 4G), so they bob and weave around any genunine demands that might put their pet project, which is satanic at its root in jeopardy, such as independent testing, and label anyone claiming this technology is not safe as a "conspiracy theorist". 

But they provide no proof to the contrary. This is a huge red flag, which begs the question of how this project got the green light in the first place.

Where are the Governing bodies that oversee the safety of technologies that will be beamed out across not only the UK but the whole world and affect the lives of billions of people. Have they all been paid off? Are they playing dumb? Is this a case of plausible deniability all round, just like it was with the tobacco industry for so many years.

Or, are we seeing higher powers at work here, that go beyond the scope of most peoples awareness. The people at the top so to speak, who really pull the strings, that are rarely seen or heard of. I'll leave that for you to decide.

There's new developments that state phone masts could be made up to 30 meters tall under new rules proposed. You would think this was something to do with safety concerns, protecting peoples health by making the towers higher, further away from the public. 

But no, this is all about getting rural areas "better connectivity". They claim to be really concerned about the Internet connectivity and phone signal strength in rural locations, wanting households and businesses to "come out of the dark ages".

But that's just a disguise to mask their real intentions. It's all about money and the advancement of the 5G rollout. They want everywhere, and eventually, every thing "connected", and rural areas will play a big role in that. 

You see, their vision of the future, the new normal, is basically a Godless, cashless, inverted, dumbed down divided society, with no identity and zero privacy. Where the few have total control of the many. A new world order.

In this dystopian twilight zone future you are no longer seen as a person, but as cattle. And 5G plays a major role in achieving and sustaining that. Under the guidance of their "god" (satan), "They" are trying to eliminate anything Holy and righteous (and at the same time working overtime for their master promoting depravity, immorality, wickedness, sorcery and perversion) and play God by using technology.

Transhumanism (that of course includes mRNA "vaccinations" that contain Nanotechnology), smart technology, tackling "climate change" (total fraud -brought into existence by the globalists in the form of military stratospheric aerosol spraying programs - leading to global dimming, low pan evaporation rates = no rain = drought = "climate change") and the great reset (basically code for ushering in their demonic system of enslavement, which consists of depopulation and global domination) are all seen and promoted as positive steps forward.

Despite how its packaged and presented by the snake tongued professional liars in order to be sold to the people as something good for humanity (like it always is), make no mistake, this is 100% satanism at its core.

They will promote whatever lies you need to hear, play on your heart strings, fearmonger, amaze and propagandize you into submission, just so long as it helps get their plans over the line. "The road to hell is paved with good intentions". And if you didn't already know, those "good intentions" are completely ficticious and just used as marketing material to sell it to the people.

There are two secret wars going on, a spiritual war and a mental war. One is for your mind, the other for your soul. Did you know that atheism is one of the fastest growing religions (no religion). Are you aware that mental illness (in particular schizophrenia) and demonic possession (both basically the same thing) have also rose dramatically over the last decade.

Is this just a coincidence, or do you think there might be a possible link between people losing the protection of God and at the same time opening themselves up to become more vulnerable to being taken over by evil entities.

I know what you're thinking, this sounds like crazy talk. There's no way there is a link between schizophrenia and demonic possession, right? Okay, but before dismissing what I say, how much research have you done. I dare you to research into this subject.

I can guarantee you will be surprised at what you find. I certainly was. A good place to start your research is by listening to what psychotherapist Jerry Marzinsky has to say. With 30+ years experience of working in psychiatric institutions assessing people with mental illness, Jerry's experiences with patients, doctors and big pharma will certainly make you think differently about how you view schizophrenia as a "mental illness".

Some of Jerry's work / interviews can be found here: Unicus Interview | Another Interview | Jerry's Book.

There are other people speaking out about this subject, but this information is being suppressed. Schizophrenia is big business for all involved in the treatment of patients, especially pharmaceutical companies. Also, there's the spiritual aspect to all of this, they don't want people to find out the truth. The truth raises a lot of questions, holds no profit, and opens doorways to places that most people don't think exist. Anyway, back to what I was previously talking about.

The Internet has served as a great tool for surveillance, data collection, reliance, automation, rewriting history and furthering the research into the understanding of human thought patterns and behaviour. But now, the powers that shouldn't be are worried that more and more people are waking up to their evil plans for humanity. 

The bullish, desperate advancement of these plans has become so blatant that its hard even for individuals who are / were totally asleep not to see them, albeit at the surface level. As a result the globalists want to control the flow of information by censoring the Internet.

A "Cyber Attack", blamed on "hackers" or "terrorists" (either an invisible bogey man, a patsy or the usual suspects that can be blamed without much questioning - China, Russia or the Middle East) will be used to justify the "lockdown" of the Internet as we know it.

This will also come with huge emphasis on eliminating "hate speech" (basically anything they can use to their advantage or consider harmful that exposes their evil plans, past, present or future). And it will be permanent. Furthermore, to usher in the new financial system (no more physical money) the old one must be destroyed. 

So expect the same false flag Cyber Attack tactics used for the justification of Internet censorship to be used to reset the monetary system (along with the excuse that physical money now carries the "virus"). The Power Grids and Pipelines are not immune from the "Cyber Attack" tactic also.

This post went off course. I'm sorry to go on about these depressing subjects so much, but they are all linked, so I feel people need to know and understand the direction in which these globalists are trying to steer humanity. 

Anyway, back to phone masts. Expect to see many more telephone masts popping up and destroying practically all of the nice little villages and towns across the UK. Unless the communities can pull together and say no, we don't want it here and get the plans scrapped, it will become reality sooner than most realize.

If there is no pushback it will be full steam ahead for the money hungry telecom giants who have total disregard for the publics health and quality of life. Unless more people become aware of the dangers and reject this technology, and do it fast, there will be no escape for those of us who wish to live a simple life free of smart technology. Thanks for reading.

The UK Summer Has Begun

Rehabilitation. I think many people will appreciate this summer (2021) more than they have in previous years. The plandemic and lockdowns are definitely the causes of this. They have shown millions of people just how much control and influence secret societies, Governments, and the media have over populations, the economy, and countries as a whole. Whether the people actually see it or not is another matter altogether.


But yes, let's stay positive. The summer is here, and thanks to some of the lockdown restrictions being eased, people are looking to get outside, socialize (even though nowhere is open yet) and get some enjoyment out of the summer while it lasts. And rightfully so. Take advantage of the new found freedom while you can, as some predict a new "pandemic", or variant is on the way.

Heck, the easing of the lockdown may even be blamed on the next outbreak, so meet up with friends while you can. You're more than likely going to be blamed for the next lockdown anyway. How long it will be before this new nightmare is televised / mediaized into existence remains to be seen.

Fear still has to be used, because if it is not, how many people are going to continue taking the vaccine. The number of people taking the vaccine is already behind schedule. You might not see it reported much if you only watch the main stream news, but there is a lot of hesitancy. Even among health care workers.

Are the public ready to accept the introduction of Vaccine Passports in exchange for more freedom. Will the public go along with constant testing in order to be "set free", with the combined use of a digital passport to prove their infection / test result status. We will have to wait and see. But I think we can all see where this is going, right?

There is nothing new under the Sun

So yeah, go out and enjoy yourself. One thing I will say, though, before ending the lockdown talk. I have seen a lot of hesitancy when it comes to people I know going out and socializing. Most seem to be very cautious and lockdown trained. So much so that they are still doing it even though their masters have told them they are not grounded as strictly as there were and can wander outside the prison grounds. Just don't go too far. 

A lot of them are still wearing masks. Even more than before. I'm seeing people who never wore a mask in their car or walking down the street now doing exactly that.

Anyway, I wanted to give picking my own Hawthorn Berries a go this year. I'm always buying Hawthorn capsules and thought because Hawthorn is so abundant in the UK, and it's easy (but messy) to make Hawthorn fruit leather, I wanted to try and make some. Hawthorn berries are best harvested at the end of the summer in late September / early October, so there's a while to wait yet.

I also want to pick the best place to try and avoid environmental pollutants. I know where there are lots of Hawthorn shrubs, but most of them are near roads. I think those are best avoided. In my opinion shrubs near roads, landfills and industrial locations are not safe to consume. 

I'll have to find some Hawthorn deep in the woods or countryside somewhere, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If I do, I might document my first attempt at the process of making Hawthorn fruit leather. Thanks for reading.

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